I have attempted GATE 2020 in CS stream along with the final year of engineering and I have secured AIR 33.

Let me share my review and how VisionGATE Classes helped me in this wonderful journey and after that I left this to the reader to decide whether this is the best institute or not.

So basically the question is asking about the “THE BEST” institute for GATE. So you want to study in the best institute but in reality, what really matters in any exam is

“Are you willing to give your best shot ?”.

“Are you ready to put the efforts that it requires ?”

In VisionGATE people are more focused on this area. They try to bring best out of you, Professor Rajesh Singh Vats who is the whole and sole of VisionGate literally pushes his students to limits and you receive personalized attention by him. He is so attached to his students that sometimes I feel probably his students are getting more of his time than anyone else in this world.

Fun Fact: Still he always complains we were not utilizing him completely!

He remembers correctly when someone missed his lectures and then without fail he will ask you next time why you were absent last time. He is the person who knows what are strong points of his students and where his students are lacking then deliberately he will bombard questions on you from your weak areas. It’s not about just working on our weak areas he always tries to find out where is room for his improvement. He makes sure none of his students is in the comfort zone, because he believes one can not grow if he is in the comfort zone. So whole year we all felt like we are not up to the mark, we were constantly striving for becoming better.

Because of his years of experience in teaching, he knows exactly what students go through in such year-long preparations, he correctly identifies by our facial expressions and body language that if someone is feeling low, then guides that student in those tough situations also. It’s only after the actual GATE we realized how important this attitude was. Everyone from VisionGATE felt like GATE 2020 paper was damn easy and we were flabbergasted why there are very few people scoring such marks.

I joined VisionGATE in December-19 because one of my senior Darshit Vakil who is also an M Tech from IIT Kanpur and a student of VisionGATE suggested to me. According to me major strength of VisionGATE is Number of Coaching hours, the number of hours that Professor Rajesh Sir puts are more than any other institute.

Again Fun Fact! (This you won’t believe but it’s true) : I had spent more hours in VisionGATE than I had spent with my family.

We have not only studied, gave tests together but like any other family, also enjoyed every festival, our birthdays in VisionGATE. There was healthy competition between all of us, my result in GATE is not just my efforts but rather a collaborative effort of every student in VisionGATE, I learned many things from my peers in this year.

So overall I feel this is a good place if you are a serious GATE aspirant.

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