Mayur Punjabi IIT Bombay M. Tech AIR-32

Hello Reader, My name is Mayur Punjabi and I am currently pursuing my masters in Computer Science from IIT Bombay. Being blessed with so many good teachers, friends, relatives to guide me throughout my journey I want to write this post to thank them all and I would feel really obliged if this helps someone who is going through the same situations. Starting from my childhood, I was born in a lower middle-class family. My parents were keen on providing me with the best education which they can afford. I was not a very good student in my school. I used to get a lot of beatings from my elder brother.
I did not go to tuition or coaching up to 9th class. I learned everything from my elder brother. I wanted to follow my elder brother’s footsteps and join the commerce stream. I remember at my time SSC results used get announced online at 11 am and I was having my breakfast when calls started on my phone from my friends that they passed and stuff like that. I finished my breakfast and went to see my result in the nearby cyber cafe with my brother. My family expected me to score around 60-70% and join the commerce stream. I scored 86.15% marks and then family asked me to join science stream. As a kid, I never really had a dream of what my profession will be in the future. I spoke to many people and joined science just because I would have an option to join commerce stream even after passing HSC in science stream. Coming to Junior college, Again I was not a very good student I failed in mathematics in the first unit test.

I was not aware at that time what IIT is and what it needs to be there. I was just struggling to make sure I clear HSC. I prepared for MH-CET for a month after HSC exams and secured 98 marks(PCM). I gave AIEEE exam that time but I got a single digit score. Somehow I managed to get a seat in computer science engineering through minority reservation in my College. Again I spoke to a lot of people before joining engineering because I was not sure which stream to join whether I will be able to study engineering also financially we were not that strong so spending nearly a lakh on my studies per year I was afraid whether I will waste my parents’ money. I remember one of brother’s friend whom I spoke before joining said, ”Gardan pe jab talwar latakti hai tab sab kuch ho jata hai&rdquo.

He also said that computer science is the safest stream as you will get a job for sure with a low salary. So this was the reason I joined the computer science stream. Coming to BE, Initially, I was very scared when I went to attend lectures as most of the students were really good and they knew that they wanted to pursue computer science and had a fair bit of prior knowledge. I somehow cleared the first year with the help of coaching classes. From second year all the core courses of computer science started and I began to enjoy those subjects. I made some really good friends and they are like my brothers now. Studied with them, enjoyed various events. I remember we won the Learning beyond syllabus event which will be in my memory forever. I used to work part-time during the first 3 years of engineering.

I used to provide coaching to school kids in the evening after college hours. In the final year, I applied to a lot of product based companies used to clear online tests but somehow got rejected in either technical or HR rounds. Finally, I got placed in a service based MNC and started working. Work Life: Initially, I enjoyed working there, New people new atmosphere it was all good. Then I got a project and started working there. I was not very happy with the work I was doing there. I believe no work is smaller. It’s not that the work was bad I was working on a very good skill which had a lot of demand but that work was not utilizing the knowledge I had gained in 4 years of engineering. When I used to speak with my friends, they used to work on very good technologies.

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