To anyone who feels this way, here’s my story :

GATE CS 2018 : AIR 8361

GATE CS 2019 : AIR 3736

GATE CS 2020 : AIR 94

I graduated in 2018. And attempted GATE for the first time that year. I knew I wasn’t good with a lot of concepts. So, I didn’t expect a good result. So, after my final year, I was presented with a choice : Whether to pursue GATE again or to go ahead with my campus placement. I decided not to take up the job, as the work didn’t interest me, the travelling hours were horrible and I wanted not to be mediocre in my life.

In July 2018, I started preparing for GATE 2019 on my own. I thought I was doing well cause I was studying for long hours, but I wasn’t performing well in my tests. But I somehow convinced myself that it’s not my fault. This went on for months and unsurprisingly, I got a horrible rank this time around as well!

I was at the verge of losing hope, and taking up a job, but then I joined VisionGATE classes. My professor, Rajesh Singh Vats sir, believed in my capabilities and gave me hope that I’ll be able to clear this the third time. When I first joined my classes, I realized that I lacked so much knowledge and the reason I didn’t perform well in my 2019 attempt was because I was the one who was at fault. I lacked the correct preparation, practice, conceptual clarity and confidence. The very first lesson that I learnt is to stop attributing the reasons of my failure to misfortune. I was responsible for not being able to perform well. Then, with the help of sir and my peers, I started to work hard, solve different types of problems, challenge myself and push myself harder.

I still had ups and downs during this journey! I scored horribly low in some tests. In some others, I did better than most of my peers. I lacked consistency and that’s something I will work on in my future endeavors. But man, in the end, it all paid off! This was the first time I enjoyed the process of learning and it showed in the result too!

Don’t ever give up.

Take responsibility for your actions.

Identify your weaknesses, work on them and overcome your fears.

Try enjoying the process more than the destination.

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